How We Innovated a Design and Built a Leak-Proof Valve at Low Cost


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Plastic Injection Moulding


A top home appliance company was looking to source door latches component for their appliance in India. They were already importing this part from reliable source in Japan but brought with them the heavy imports duties and shipping costs.

They were looking for reliable manufacturing partners within our country to mitigate import risks, bring down the cost and have timely deliveries. But, above all, they needed the same quality that they had been delivering all these years. Quality was something they couldn’t compromise. The door latches had to meet strict appearance and grip requirements.


We, at OMPL, were thrilled with this opportunity. We knew this could open doors to not just other components from this top home appliance company but also to other manufacturers in our country.

Our team got together to study the material, toughness and design of the door latch. Further we conducted a finite element analysis. Cost was another factor that needed to work out for both our customer and us. After much research, prototyping and creating we managed the perfect first sample within 6 weeks.

This gave our customer confidence in our hard work, quality finish and drive as a company. Since we have become preferred vendor and worked on many such exciting projects with this client.