Right material selection is one of the key building blocks of successful injection moulding plastic production. With a wide variety of plastic materials available and new formulations being developed, identifying the right match for your application can be challenging. The wrong choice impacts your finished product quality, bottom line, and market reputation.

Material selection is a critical decision where you need the guidance of an expert you can trust. This is where the OMPL team steps in. Our unparalleled material expertise of over three decades enables us to select the ideal resin that meets your specific performance requirements.

Commodity Resins

Commodity resins are prized for being exceptionally versatile, easy to process, and inexpensive. They work best for low-cost, high-volume production of disposable items. As such, they are often the ideal materials for plastic injection moulding production for packaging and consumer goods sectors. Because all commodity resins are not the same, you’d want to work with specialists like OMPL who understand their ins and outs and will recommend the right fit for your requirements.



Engineered Resins

Engineered resins are the superheroes of plastics that meet the rigorous performance needs of the most demanding mission-critical applications. With extraordinary strength, durability, and enhanced properties not found in standard commodity resins, these materials are the first choice in plastic injection moulding production for automotive, medical, military, and electrical industries. At OMPL, we work with the highest-grade engineered resins to achieve the best outcomes for every project.


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