Tooling is one of the main pillars of plastic injection moulding. Because it directly impacts the end product, getting it right can make or break a plastic injection moulding production.

At OMPL, our on-site tool room is fully equipped to design, construct, modify, and maintain plastic injection mould tools of all types with precision and accuracy. Our tooling engineers have perfected the process down to a science. They have deep knowledge and expertise in materials, mould bases, and build methods and will collaborate with you closely to construct the ideal tooling for your application.

As an essential step, we test tooling and moulds under stringent, real-world conditions to ensure they are efficient and durable during repeatable part production.

Our tool room machinery:

  • EDM (ZNC) – 2 numbers
  • Surface grinder and turning
  • VMV ( MAKINO) – KE55
  • VMV ( MAKINO) – PS-65
  • Mould handling equipment

Tool Maintenance

Periodic and preventative maintenance of tools and moulds minimises production errors, part defects, and mould failures. Our dedicated tooling facility maintains, repairs, cleans and services plastic injection moulds and tooling with attention to reducing production cost and time while increasing performance and quality.



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